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Puerto Rico Hurricane Maria Relief Efforts

Puerto Rico is an American territory, and it’s a small island close enough to US mainland Florida approximately 1,100 miles away under 2 1/2 hrs by plane and under 1 1/2 days by ship. There isn’t a vast ocean between us like Trump says, so let’s get that straight. Trump’s leadership took over a week to lift the Jone’s Act that will only last for 10days allowing foreign ships to transport emergency goods and equipment to the Island; and not to mention that Venezuela a country on our Travel Ban List came to aide with oil and the Dominican Republic brought electrical generators and were delayed to bring aid sooner due to the Jone’s Act. I thank these Latin countries for helping Puerto Rico that will be unsung heroes by Trump who already is giving himself A+ for his direction in relief action to Puerto Rico.

The truth is that initial process of helping Puerto Rico was slow by Trump’s direction who was too busy playing golf, not by the local politicians in Puerto Rico some of whom themselves lack electricity and have limited communication with other officials. Isn’t it interesting that Trump blames his inefficiency of not being ready prepared for this storm to the Puerto Rican Mayors who are speaking up for the lack of necessary transportation relief of emergency goods, like Mayor Cruz of San Juan and Mayor Carlos Mendez Martinez of Aguadilla, accusing them of mishandling things. I hope Trump makes his way to Aguadilla were the devastation of Hurricane Maria was excessive. Yet Trump is praising the Governor of Puerto Rico Rossello who for better words is keeping his mouth shut and not defending the rights of Puerto Rican born American Citizens to have Trump speed up the aides efforts. That’s where big brother Trump needed to come in and put his business skills into work by quickly lifting the Jone’s Act, so aide from foreign countries could set up swiftly to get necessary supplies and equipment into Puerto Rico.

At this point almost two weeks after Hurricane Maria hit, Trump shouldn’t still be scrambling to deploy federal workers to clear roads of the devastated rural areas, so that the Puerto Rican’s can gain access to their roads, gasoline and basic survival supplies in order to help themselves like Trump said they should. Obviously a time lapse for aide in an area that has 95% power lines down is devastating enough, which affects pumping water usage making it a catastrophic event for such a small Island. Trump is a business minded person he didn’t do his job in getting the ball rolling and checking that everyone of his agencies was prepared for the second Hurricane Maria. Remember Hurricane Irma struck Puerto Rico too and that should have warned Trump to better prepare to deploy early assistance to Puerto Rico.

By the way there is no truck drivers strike in Puerto Rico, that’s a rumor and a lie started by Trump supporters’ propaganda websites who state that emergency supplies aren’t reaching people because Puerto Rican truck union drivers refuse to drive the supply trucks until they get their pay increase. That’s another insane allegation against the people of Puerto Rico. Fox News reported today that there is no truck drivers strike going on in Puerto Rico. The issue is the inaccessibility of clear roads that is inhibiting Puerto Rican truck drivers from reaching the emergency distribution sites and not some alleged strike. If Trump indeed deployed 10,000 troops, they need to temporarily help clear the roads to allow more local truck drivers to get involved in the rescue efforts. Puerto Rican truck drivers being on strike is just another insult to injury by Trump supporters fake news.

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Apocalyptic Chaos

Ten years ago approximately three years after opening House of Grace my esoteric spiritual shop, I had a dream that I was inside my shop full of clients, when all of a sudden I could see through my glass windows that the sky outside had turned from light to dark. As I stepped out with my clients to see what was going on, the sky was littered with satellites hanging like chandeliers, as if the universe was collapsing. People began crying and yelling there is no God!  “I then turned to my clients and said don’t worry God will fix it”, and then I awakened…
Reading the Bible’s book of Daniel chapter 2:21 made me recall that apocalyptic dream.   
“He changes times and seasons; he deposes kings and raises up others. He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to the discerning.” Daniel 2:21

Hope Trump doesn’t make my crazy dream a reality. He pulled out of the global warming agreement with Paris and it broke my hopeful heart 💔

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A mother’s love is deliberate, constant and infinite💫

Happy Mother’s Day to All who have nurtured a child unconditionally ❤️ …Grace Esoterics

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Living Wiccan

A Letter From A Third Grade Teacher Sent Home To Pagan Parents

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Thomas,

I write this letter in concern of your daughter, Aradia Moon. Please don’t take this the wrong way, however, although she is a straight A student and a very bright child, she has some strange habits that I feel we should address.

Every morning before class, she insists on walking around the room with her pencil in the air. She says she is “drawing down the moon.” I told her art class is in an hour and to please refrain until then to do any drawing.
And speaking of art class, whenever she draws a night sky, she insists on drawing little circles around all the stars and people dancing on the ground. And that brings up dancing, I had to stop her twice for taking off her clothes during a game of Ring Around the Rosey! By the way, what does “skyclad” mean?

Aradia has no problem with making friends. I always find her sitting outside during recess with her friends sitting around her in a circle. She likes to share her juice and cookies. It is nice how she wants no one to ever thirst or hunger. However, when I walked over to see what they were doing, she jumped up and told me to stop, pulled out a little plastic knife and started waiving it in front of me. I thought this a bit dangerous, so I took her to the Principal’s Office. She explained to the Principal that she was “opening the circle” to let me in. She also said that her Mommy and Daddy always told her not to play or run with an “athame” in her hand, that she could put someone’s eye out. I don’t know what an “athame” is, but I’m glad she keeps it at home.

As for stories, your daughter tends to make up some whoppers. Just yesterday while I was talking sternly to Tommy Johson and shaking my finger at him, he started screaming and ran from the room. When I finally caught him, he told me Aradia told him and the rest of the class that the last time I shook my finger at someone, they caught the chicken pox. I explained to him that the Sally Jones incident was just a coincidence, and that things like that don’t really happen.

One of the strangest things that happened was when I asked the children to bring in Halloween decorations for the classroom. Aradia brought in salt, incense, and her family album. I see she has quite a sense of humour.

One of Aradia’s worst habits is that she is very argumentative. We were discussing what the Golden Rule was (Do Unto Others as you would have them Do Unto You), she firmly disagreed with me and stated that it was “Do As you Will, but Harm None” and she will not stop saying “So Mote It Be” after she reads aloud in class. I try to correct her on these matters and she got very angry. She pointed her finger at me and mumbled something under her breath.

In closing, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas, I would like to set up a parent/teacher conference with you sometime next week to discuss these matters. I would like to see you sooner, but I have developed an irritating rash that I am quite worried about.
With deep concerns,

Mrs. Livingston

P.S. Blessed Be. I understand this is a greeting or closing from your country that your daughter informs me is polite and correct.

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Holistic Uses of Vicks Vapor Rub

Vicks Vapor Rub was my grandmother’s healing choice for esoteric ointments mixed with some of her secret herbs and spiritual prayers, to heal me from colds when I was a little girl. Here are some other uses for Vicks Vapor Rub…

YouTube Surprising Uses for Vicks Vapor Rub link below:

Healing Uses of Vicks Vapor Rub

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Happiness in Balance

Transformation of thought requires transformation of the doing…Do what makes others happy, as long as it pleases your soul…
Grace Esoterics

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I thought you’d like this Pin on Pinterest…

The Pineapple Diet is high in potassium and vitamin B complex. It’s also a natural fat emulsifier and diuretic. Please always consult a doctor before trying any diet plan. #pineapplediet #weightlose #GraceEsoterics

img_9954My Peruvian Experience Lima, Machupicchu and the Amazon Jungle

Peru the final frontier of the Inca Civilization continues to thrive and honor the spirit of their indian ancestors. Lima, Peru’s capital, is a growing cosmopolitan city bustling with over 10million people made up of a much younger population due to the baby boom from the past two decades, that attributes to the massive bumper to bumper traffic which somehow manages to travel quickly and efficiently during their rush hours. Lima is sometimes referred to as the grey city because of the large amount of plankton organism growing in their Pacific Ocean waters that reflects a silver light off the sky creating a grey sky affect, yet, at the same time attracting an enormous amount marine life to their region that feeds off of these micro organisms called plankton. However there is nothing grey about this city, Lima has plenty of museums, fine dining, casinos, and has won world wide awards in culinary competitions straight years in a row and are one of the largest providers of the best delectable fish in the world.

An hour and a half plane ride away is the City of Cusco located ten thousand feet above sea level this remote country side village is at the heart of the early Inca Culture, nestled in the Andes Mountains whose empire ruled the vast lands of South American between the 13th and 16th century extending from Ecuador to Argentina. The Inca’s architectural abilities were superior for their era. This has baffled archeological sciences, as to how the Inca managed to build these enormous buildings without lifting machinery or cement to bind the heavy stone blocks that compose their cities, homes and spiritual temples -made with such precision that a piece of paper could not fit in between the blocks of stone walls.

The Inca Empire was divided into three families of rulers each overseeing 13 districts, under the kingship of one Emperor Monarch King. From where the River Urubamba meets in Cusco you could reach the four directions of the vast Inca Empire by foot. In the early 1500’s Inca King Hauyna Capa the true last unified Inca King divided his kingdom, before dying of smallpox or measles complications, between his two sons Atahualpa taking the North and his brother Huascar taking the Southern Cusco area. The last standing Inca leader is considered to be Atahualpa, whose mutual greed to unify the throne after their father’s death drove the two brothers into civil war that ended with Atahualpa killings his half brother Huascar and taking over Cusco. This civil war between brothers coincided with the arrival of Francisco Pizarro in 1532, a conquistador for the crown of Spain who seek gold and silver for his monarch. Pizarro first landed near Atahualpa’s territory in the north and captured his shorty won unified kingdom. The mistake Atahualpa made was to make a deal with Pizarro, as Atahualpa agreed to reveal where all the Inca gold and silver was to regain his freedom and the unified thrown of the Inca Kingdom. Pizarro used Atahualpa by granting him kingship in exchange of collecting two rooms filled of his people’s gold and silver, to later then execute him ending the Inca reign. Peru’s riches was crowned the center of the new world by the crown of Spain making Andean Culture the heart of their expanding conquest. Pizarro forcefully conquered the Inca people by taking their lands, converting them to Catholicism and stealing them of their gold and rich culture. There are many hypothesis as to how Pizarro destroyed the Inca Empire, but the one thing he could not destroy was the Inca pride and spirit that lives on in the people of Peru.

Today in Peru there is a revival of the old Inca Culture in areas where this strong people once thrived, re-igniting their religious customs of honoring one God worshiped through the immense power of the Sun, while still remaining open to other religions primarily Catholic. The Inca lives on through the duality that coexisted with Catholicism through the centuries during and after the Spain rule ended.

The Inca’s consider themselves sons of the one and only God the “Sun”. The Inca’s primary spiritual belief is that the “Sun” is the almighty creator and the moon birth the earth for us to live on, the perfect duality for our universal conception created by the number two an uncorrupted number of infinite possibilities. Without the two, we cannot exist as the seed of life. And when one dies, the Inca belief is that we return to the seed for an ever regenerating process that is up to the creator of its continues manifestation in it’s ever lasting universal life force. The Inca’s dogma is based on the concept of three divine energies and is much deeper than this, but the main focus is that their trinity is made up of the Sun God, Mother Moon and Earth it’s children. The Incas were astronomers by nature guided and inspired by the cosmos; they adorned their clothing and architecture reflecting cosmic symbols; and they applied their own system of mathematics with an emphasis on the seasonal calendar of natural events to keep harvest inventory -similar to the Egyptians, the Yoruba People of Africa, the Celtics and Druids to mention just a few of the great early cultures.

Modern Peru is bringing back the old culture of the Inca people in their food, spiritual beliefs and presently half of the population speaks Quechuan the Inca language that is now incorporated in their schools as a primary language along with Spanish and English. This is the revitalization of a lost genocide society that never truly died in the hearts of their people. Even after Pizarro thought that he had eliminated the last Inca King and converted it’s people to Catholicism the Inca’s spiritual customs remained in the art that decorates the hundreds of churches throughout Peru, which the Incas were forced to build on top of their own spiritual temples of their Sun God. In every building reconstructed to cover up the Andean Culture, the Inca artisans incorporated their spiritual symbolisms of belief, culture and true faith.

Machupicchu is perhaps the best of the Inca known architectural structures considered one of the seven wonders of the world. In 1911, Machupicchu ruins were discovered by a Peruvian farming family living on the grounds, who lead Hiram Bingham an American explorer to its worldwide discovery. Seeing Machupicchu for the first time doesn’t fall short from its legend. The energy and views was spectacular from atop. My tour guide explained that there is no known evidence of what happened to the people of this region that disappeared without a trace. Although there are many hypothesis about the people of Machupicchu, scientist from all over the world continue on the quest for answers. My favorite hypothesis by my tour guide is that Machupicchu was a center for high noble education, a university of inquiry for the origin of the cosmos, like the Acropolis in Ancient Greece.

My final stop was Inka-Terra Hacienda Conception a natural animal reserve, in Puerto Maldonado what use to be a trading port for the early rubber tire industry in the late 19th century. It was discovered by early opportunistic pioneers of the rubber industry, that it is where the Amazon Jungle begins in the Pacific Ocean side that extends into Brazil’s larger Amazon Rainforest area. This Amazonian region of Peru Tambopata National Reserve was finally recognized as part of the greater Amazon Jungle region in 1990 and has been protected by world wide environmental groups ever since. At Hacienda Conception, I was able to learn about Peru’s indigenous wildlife and herbal medicines with the help of my knowledgeable tour guide Elias. The people of this Rainforest area have extensive knowledge of natural medicines and are leaders in pharmaceutical research lending access to their territory of the Amazon Jungle and their native experiences with natural herbal medicines. Peru is known for natural medicines and shamanistic cleansing rituals that dates back to customs of Pre-Inca culture, when people from Asia populated the Americas as they crossed the Bering Straits during the Ice Age into what is today called Peru. Thanks to my tour with Elijas, I learned to conquer my fear of crawly animals like tarantulas; and he also encouraged me to walk across a ten story rope bridge, where I managed to cut cords with my of fears of heights amongst other things. Visiting Peru was truly a Zen moment in my life…

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