Posted by: 3rdisociety | May 26, 2010

How the Orishas work for us.

7 African Powers is made up of an extensive pantheon of Orishas that share common  attributes of positive energy with other similar disciplines and spiritual beliefs.
Here is a cauldron of the most commonly invoked Orishas to balance our daily lives and restore spiritual harmony.

Olodumare is God creator of the universal order.

Olofi the processor of life shares the selfless attributes of Jesus, Ganesh, Mohamed and other Prophets.

Orula stands like a Guardian Angel at the gate of heaven and grants us passage to everlasting life.

Obatala guides our thoughts, an 8th Chakra wonder that balances our choices.

Yemaya Goddess of the ocean is, mother earth herself, synchronized as the Virgin Mary.

Oshun Goddess of the rivers, beauty, riches and love connects us with our terrestrial senses.

Oya Goddess of the wind guards the 4th dimension the threshold linking us to the spirit world.

Elegua is the divine messenger and our 3rd Chakra intuition that voices our universal prayers.

Chango warrior of war and defender of peace  fights our enemies so that we don’t have to.

Ogun governs all things mechanical  and keeps us working towards our goals in life.

Ochosi removes us from harm and sends us on the path to ever lasting happiness.

Babalu Aye watches over our health and grants miraculous healing powers.

And remember Orishas are a gift from our African ancestors
that live within us all  and can be invoked to balance our spirit.
Just light any of our Orisha Candles to call upon their powers.

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