Posted by: 3rdisociety | October 5, 2012

 Grace Esoteri…

 Grace Esoterics

I always thought that there existed three states of consciousness: 

the conscious mind the here in the moment that I am processing information and learning;

the unconscious mind the already learned and processed behavior that we take for granted everyday, when we move through life driving, dressing and doing our daily tasks; 

and the subconscious mind where we store memories good or bad as they may seem,  that we filed deep in our brain’s archives including our previous lives and our DNA memory that comes from our own parent’s experiences.

However, I now know that a more intricate part of the brain is evolving amongst many of us, and it is defined as our super consciousness which is our spiritual awareness for balancing the mind, body and soul. Beyond culture, religion or common thread this is the life force that drives us to seek our journey’s purpose…

The Super Consciousness is where our spiritual gifts are born…
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