Posted by: 3rdisociety | January 2, 2014

New Year’s Cleansing Rituals

Wishing You A Happy New Year !!! “2014”

Remember that the New Year unleashes both positive and negative energy, so make your body, home and place of business more alkaline and less acidic to attract the positive frequency released at the strike of midnight. Use any or all of these four elements to prepare your aura at home and in your place of business for a New Year filled with luck, wealth and longevity.

1. Cleanse – your body and home with water infused by herbs and fragrances.

2. Smudge – by using incense sticks, dry herbs, incense powder or resin rock incense and burn it with charcoal to remove negative energy from your home and/or place of business and draw in the good luck that the New Year has in store.

3. Sound – ring a bell or a wind chime to break the negative sound frequency around you allowing the good chi energy to flow in your home and/or place of business.

4. Light – Send out a prayer and light a candle to honor those who have passed in your life and to attract the things that you most desire…

When it comes to choosing scented -fragrances, herbs or incense be inspired by what you seek; you make the magick happen, therefore, it must be meaningful for your intended wishes…

Best Regards,
Grace Esoterics


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