Posted by: 3rdisociety | March 10, 2015

What is Transcendence

The road to the Spirit meets many faces…Everyone’s transcendence is unique with its own values, morals and traditions.  That is the real beauty of all the ways that the Spirit created us to show our faith.   It’s not how you choose to worship, but how you see it in the positive light that makes it pure, blessed and simply Godly.  

So take out your cauldron, burn your incense, light your candles, ring your bells and singing bowls, cleanse your Chakras, chant your needs, say an incantation, make an affirmation, pray to the 72 names of God, and don’t give up your faith. The aspect of everything is listening with blessings and love from above…

Buddha Sayings

Gandhi Sayings

Mother Teresa Sayings

King's Sayings

Hope to meet you on the road to the Spirit...

Hope to meet you on the road to the Spirit…

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