Posted by: 3rdisociety | September 4, 2015

Venus Retrograde goes direct 9/6

Venus Retrograde How it Affects Us

As Earth passes Venus, we experience the force of Venus in retrograde. Venus retrograde in 2015 began July 25th and is soon to go direct on Sept 6th. Planet Venus is temperamental and doesn’t like it when Earth turns its back to her, so Venus is known to destroy love relationships and electrical devices in her path away from Earth.
Whatever you break during a Venus Retrograde, like relationships or electrical devices, can’t be fixed they must be replaced.  Be gentle with your valuable possessions during a retrograde to avoid any regrets of losing the relationships and things that you truly love.

Hopefully you’ve weathered Venus’ heated storm that is soon to be over. #alchemy #metaphysics #Orisha #Santeria #Wicca #Cosmos #Zodiac

Venice Retrograde

Astrology Zodiac Retrograde in Venus


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