Posted by: 3rdisociety | January 1, 2016

Have an Amazing New Year 2016!

3rdiesoterics thoughts for 2016!
As the year end approaches, take inventory of how to improve yourself, don’t worry about what you didn’t get done. Look forward to new ways on how to motivate yourself to accomplish your goals.
Start your year by taking better care of yourself, so that you can feel happiness and gratitude as you journey to succeed in what you need to get done for yourself and others. Take a few minutes a day to meditate with the assistance of your spirit guides to reveal the visions of your personal best. Ask your spirit guides to show you of how to accomplish these feats. Harmonize your body through good eating, exercise and prayer; and in love and financial matters never lose sight or compromise your integrity of who you truly are. When you are at ease in your heart and thoughts, even disease can’t mess with you. All negative frequency is repelled by an alkaline harmonious body, so make it your year of self healing. As you consciously draw positive frequency with your thoughts, petition the assistance of your spirit guides to look after you. Being alkaline mind, body and soul means exactly taking care of yourself. We are all responsible for our own actions, so in turn, we can take care of each other. There is never a good excuse for ignoring your body, mind and spirit helplessly, so look out for yourself.

Time is the most valuable commodity that sums up your journey. Use it like any precious resource and make every moment count for your life. It’s your duty to help others and your responsibility to take care of yourself…

Enjoy the New Year because you truly count! 



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