Posted by: 3rdisociety | October 4, 2017

Puerto Rico Hurricane Maria Relief Efforts

Puerto Rico is an American territory, and it’s a small island close enough to US mainland Florida approximately 1,100 miles away under 2 1/2 hrs by plane and under 1 1/2 days by ship. There isn’t a vast ocean between us like Trump says, so let’s get that straight. Trump’s leadership took over a week to lift the Jone’s Act that will only last for 10days allowing foreign ships to transport emergency goods and equipment to the Island; and not to mention that Venezuela a country on our Travel Ban List came to aide with oil and the Dominican Republic brought electrical generators and were delayed to bring aid sooner due to the Jone’s Act. I thank these Latin countries for helping Puerto Rico that will be unsung heroes by Trump who already is giving himself A+ for his direction in relief action to Puerto Rico.

The truth is that initial process of helping Puerto Rico was slow by Trump’s direction who was too busy playing golf, not by the local politicians in Puerto Rico some of whom themselves lack electricity and have limited communication with other officials. Isn’t it interesting that Trump blames his inefficiency of not being ready prepared for this storm to the Puerto Rican Mayors who are speaking up for the lack of necessary transportation relief of emergency goods, like Mayor Cruz of San Juan and Mayor Carlos Mendez Martinez of Aguadilla, accusing them of mishandling things. I hope Trump makes his way to Aguadilla were the devastation of Hurricane Maria was excessive. Yet Trump is praising the Governor of Puerto Rico Rossello who for better words is keeping his mouth shut and not defending the rights of Puerto Rican born American Citizens to have Trump speed up the aides efforts. That’s where big brother Trump needed to come in and put his business skills into work by quickly lifting the Jone’s Act, so aide from foreign countries could set up swiftly to get necessary supplies and equipment into Puerto Rico.

At this point almost two weeks after Hurricane Maria hit, Trump shouldn’t still be scrambling to deploy federal workers to clear roads of the devastated rural areas, so that the Puerto Rican’s can gain access to their roads, gasoline and basic survival supplies in order to help themselves like Trump said they should. Obviously a time lapse for aide in an area that has 95% power lines down is devastating enough, which affects pumping water usage making it a catastrophic event for such a small Island. Trump is a business minded person he didn’t do his job in getting the ball rolling and checking that everyone of his agencies was prepared for the second Hurricane Maria. Remember Hurricane Irma struck Puerto Rico too and that should have warned Trump to better prepare to deploy early assistance to Puerto Rico.

By the way there is no truck drivers strike in Puerto Rico, that’s a rumor and a lie started by Trump supporters’ propaganda websites who state that emergency supplies aren’t reaching people because Puerto Rican truck union drivers refuse to drive the supply trucks until they get their pay increase. That’s another insane allegation against the people of Puerto Rico. Fox News reported today that there is no truck drivers strike going on in Puerto Rico. The issue is the inaccessibility of clear roads that is inhibiting Puerto Rican truck drivers from reaching the emergency distribution sites and not some alleged strike. If Trump indeed deployed 10,000 troops, they need to temporarily help clear the roads to allow more local truck drivers to get involved in the rescue efforts. Puerto Rican truck drivers being on strike is just another insult to injury by Trump supporters fake news.

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